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Commitment to Industry Compliance and Standards

Upholding Excellence Across All Sectors
Minimising Downtime, Maximising Performance

Why Choose Spot On for Your Hydraulic Testing Needs?

At Spot On Hose and Fittings, we understand the critical importance of adhering to industry standards and regulations. Our commitment to compliance is not just about meeting minimum requirements; it's about exceeding them to ensure the highest level of safety, quality, and performance in every solution we provide. Across the diverse industries we serve, from mining and construction to agriculture and transport, we ensure that every product and service aligns with the specific standards and regulations of each sector.

Quality Management Systems

Spot On Hose and Fittings Pty Ltd proudly meets ISO 9001 quality standards, as certified by Global Mark. This ISO 9001 certification underscores our commitment to excellence and reliability in serving our clients.

MDG 41
Guideline for Fluid Power System Safety at Mines

Spot On Hose and Fittings Pty Ltd rigorously adheres to the MDG41 guidelines, developed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Our strict compliance with MDG41 ensures that we mitigate risks effectively, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to safety and best practices in the mining industry.

RS 22
Standard for Underground Coal Mining

We are fully committed to adhering to the RS22 guidelines for Underground Coal Mining. Our products and services are rigorously designed and tested to meet the stringent standards set forth by these guidelines, ensuring the highest level of safety and performance in challenging underground environments.

AS 2633-1983
Standards for Hydraulic Fluid Power

Our commitment to the AS 2633-1983 standards demonstrates our dedication to excellence in hydraulic fluid power solutions, providing our clients with the assurance that our operations and offerings are aligned with best practices and industry benchmarks.

AS/NZS ISO 45001
Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

This certification reflects our comprehensive approach to integrating all requirements of the standard into our Workplace Health and Safety Management System (WHSMS), tailored to our specific WHS policy, the nature of our activities, and our operational conditions.

Factor of Safety

Spot On Hose and Fittings rigorously adheres to established Factor of Safety guidelines, ensuring our products comply with industry standards for safety and performance. Trust in our commitment to deliver reliability and peace of mind with every use. Learn More

We adhere and meet the following industry standards...


Spot On provides various resources tailored to the hydraulic industry's requirements. Discover more about selecting hoses, fittings, and accessories safely by exploring our safety instructions and guidelines.

Factor of Safety

At Spot On Hose and Fittings, our commitment to safety and reliability is paramount, especially when it comes to the Factor of Safety (FOS) compliance in our hydraulic hose assemblies.

Safety Guide

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Hose Elastomers Guide

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Coal Mining
Custom Solutions & Tailored Quotes

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Ready to elevate your operations with a hydraulic solution crafted specifically for your needs? Whether you're looking for a custom solution or need a detailed quote, our team is here to ensure your hydraulic systems operate at peak efficiency.

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