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Understanding Factor of Safety

In Hydraulic Hose and Fittings

Ensuring Unmatched Safety and Reliability

At Spot On Hose and Fittings, our commitment to safety and reliability is paramount, especially when it comes to the Factor of Safety (FOS) compliance in our hydraulic hose assemblies. Understanding that hydraulic hoses are critical components subject to rigorous working conditions, we ensure that every assembly can withstand four times its maximum working pressure (MWP), adhering to the industry-standard FOS of 4:1. This rigorous standard is a testament to our dedication to providing products that offer not only exceptional performance but also unparalleled safety.

To achieve this, Spot On meticulously selects hose and coupling combinations that are perfectly matched, exceeding the stringent requirements set forth by industry standards. Our process includes comprehensive Impulse Testing, a critical step that subjects hose assemblies to repeated cycles of pressure pulses at 133% of their MWP, simulating real-world high impulse pressures that hoses face in operation. This testing, conducted with fluid heated to the hose's maximum rated operating temperature, ensures the hose's durability and longevity under the most demanding conditions.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the hoses themselves to include the hydraulic connectors and terminations, which also adhere to the 4:1 FOS, ensuring a cohesive system that maintains integrity and safety across all components. By integrating these rigorous testing and compliance measures, Spot On Hose and Fittings not only meets but strives to exceed the safety expectations of our clients, ensuring that every hydraulic hose assembly we provide is built to last and perform safely, even in the most challenging environments. Our dedication to safety, quality, and reliability is what sets us apart, making us a trusted partner in the hydraulic industry.

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