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BVHL Three Port Ball Valve High Pressure

Suitable for a broad range of hydraulic applications. 

Standard steel handle means there are no issues for use in underground mines.

BVHL Three Port Ball Valve High Pressure

Product Details

  • Industrial, Agriculture, Marine, Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Mobile Equipment

  • Body: Carbon Steel

    Ball: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

    Handle: Carbon Steel

    Ball Seals: Delrin (POM)

    Temperature Range: -20C ~ +100C

    O-rings: NBR

    Plating: Zinc CR3 (Optional: Zinc Nickel / MOQ's apply)

  • Pister BK3, MHA BK3

    Hydac KHB3K

  • n/a

Technical Specifications

Reliable Flow & Pressure Regulation
Engineered for Extreme Pressures