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T-BOLT CLAMPS Zinc Plated W1

Used in suction and pressure applications. W1 mild Steel zinc plated

T-BOLT CLAMPS Zinc Plated W1

Product Details

  • A bolt is used for tightening, not a nut – which ensures full travel when using a socket. These T Bolt Clamps have a strong construction with a small grub screw which pulls the two halves of the clamp together.

  • T-bolt hose clamps are perfect for the use with silicone hoses and are also commonly used for high pressure applications where standard clamps are not strong enough. 

    T Bolt Clamps are designed to secure pipes and hoses at high pressure, ideal for turbo pressure hoses and high pressure engine cooling hoses. 

    The band has a smooth underside and bevelled edges, protecting the hose from damage. The bolt is directly engaged in the barrel.

    Moulded bridge plate to ensure perfect sealing function. 

    Rolled band edges to fully protect hoses.

  • Multiple sizes available, see below.



T-BOLT CLAMPS Zinc Plated W1

W1 Zinc Plated Steel:

  • German engineering technology

  • Genuine reusable construction

  • Automatic spot welded

  • Electroplated Zinc

  • Solid trunnion nut and bolt assembly

  • Excellent clamping security